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Figuring out how to straighten alloy wheels quickly and efficiently can help you provide a great service to your customers, and save your business valuable time and money. That’s where SMARTFIX comes in, providing state of the art installations designed to increase productivity and your bottom line.

We have partnered with HBC to provide a cutting-edge alloy wheel straightening machine designed to make the process easier, quicker and more profitable for your business.

As your alloy wheel specialists, we are proud to be exclusive UK suppliers of  this advanced wheel repair technology. With 20 years of excellence and innovation in the SMART repair industry, we’re always here to offer expertise and advice on how to straighten alloy wheels.

The importance of proper alloy wheel straightening

A bent wheel can have a serious negative impact on suspension and steering, making a car much more difficult to control. Driving on a damaged alloy wheel could also, potentially, cause serious damage to a tyre leading to a blow out. Any of these cause a serious accident.

Driving with a damaged alloy wheel is also likely to damage the rest of the car, leading to further repairs and expense.

It’s important that the job is done correctly: an improperly repaired alloy wheel can be just as dangerous as a visibly damaged one.

Wheel Straightener    

Preparing for alloy wheel straightening

Before you start, inspect the wheel thoroughly to assess what damage needs to be repaired. Some damage can be obvious; however there may be more subtle aspects of wear and tear on an alloy wheel that are not immediately obvious. 

Keep safety in mind at all times. To avoid injury make sure your work space is well lit, provides a secure surface and allows you to work comfortably in an upright position. The SMARTFIX alloy wheel prep station is specially designed for this purpose, allowing you to prepare an alloy wheel for straightening safely and comfortably.



Step-by-step process on how to straighten alloy wheels

Now you’ve performed your initial assessment of the wheel’s condition, it is time to begin straightening. Here we’ll show you how to straighten alloy wheels using the HBC machine.

  • Attach the wheel to the machine and make sure to secure it tightly in place to avoid accidents.
  • Attach the detector and turn the machine on. The HBC machine will now begin to spin and automatically assess the condition of the wheel, letting you know where the straightening work needs to be done.
  • Use the hydraulic piston to gently restore the wheel’s shape to safe working condition.
  • Finally turn on the machine again to check to see if the repair is complete. The HBC machine will let you know if there are still imperfections in the wheel that need to be worked out.

Repeat these steps until the HBC Alloy Wheel Straightening Machine detects that the wheel has completed a successful rotation and is repaired.

Find out more about SMARTFIX’s HBC Alloy Wheel Straightening

At SMARTFIX we are redefining the alloy wheel industry through excellence and innovation.

Now you know how to straighten alloy wheels with our latest technology, find out more about the HBC Alloy Straightening Machine’s specifications and capabilities, or contact us for more information about this essential state-of-the-art SMART repair tool.