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As an addition to an existing business or operated as a stand-alone business, there is good profit to be made repairing alloy wheels. The process is relatively simple and quick, there is a good margin available and there is certainly a large and growing demand for the service. In the absence of a national recognised service provider, potential customers can often struggle to find a local repairer. 

There are many different types of system available for anyone looking to offer an alloy wheel repair service. The challenge here is that they can vary enormously in price, content and, possible most importantly, what "type" of repair is possible on the wheel. So...where do you start

This is where many will find themselves starting at the wrong end of the path. Looking at what type of system and equipment you need is going to be determined by what your customers want...not by what someone tells you is the "proper way". And, before you can determine what your customers want, you need to establish who your customers are going to be.

When considering who your customer base is going to be, it is important to remember that the purpose of this exercise is to make money. So your initial focus needs to be on the segment of the market that offers the highest return on investment. For example, potential customers in your local area will include those with wheels that are bent or buckled, corroded, cracked and kerbed & scratched. If you take a walk around your local supermarket car park or car dealership forecourt, you will discover that the majority of wheels requiring repair will fall into the kerbed & scratched category. 

So if this is the largest segment of the potential market, what type of service do the customers with these wheels want? Today, customers buy services that are easy, convenient and value for money. Take the hand car wash valeting "experts" will often condone them as terrible but unfortunately, they miss the point. These sites are offering a product that customers want, at a reasonable price but, critically, it is a very easy service to buy.

The fewer barriers you present to a potential customer, the better. The service you will be providing is not always a necessity, so telling the customer you will need to keep their car for 24, 48 hours or more, is likely to trigger the response that their desire for the service doesn't justify the level of inconvenience. 

So, when considering your options for alloy wheel repair equipment, remember to put your customer’s needs at the top of your priority list.

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